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Wedding (X-posted)

Jenna’s wedding was yesterday and it was awesome! She looked very pretty (despite what she said and despite the heat). I was really honored to be a witness and hand her Jesse’s ring. I felt bad because I felt that Evy should have been a witness but I’m really, really happy that I was when she couldn’t be. I held Jesse’s ring and Chris held Jenna’s. Aunt Nora took way too many pictures, but I guess that’s good because I didn’t take that many and my pictures didn’t come out very well. I’ll dl them another time and send them to people. Also, I guess it was my night for luck because I also (half) caught Jenna’s bouquet of flowers. Evy and I caught it at the same time and since I know she wanted them I let her take them. I don’t even have a boyfriend and am not thinking about getting married anytime in the near future. I can’t say the same thing for Evy; at least she has a boyfriend. (I dunno about marriage though, you’d have to ask her lol.) I don’t know what I would have done with the bouquet anyway. I bought them, so it was kind of wrong of me to take them back in a way. Instead, I took some of the rose heads that broke off after the bouquet had been thrown and am trying to dry/press them. That way I can give a few of them back to Jenna and Jesse, and have one, or at least some petals, as a keepsake.
The restaurant the party was in was nice, even though it was in the middle of nowhere. The woman who set it up did such a nice job. The decorations were very pretty and I really liked the candles in the bowls. And the chocolate fountain was delicious and beautiful. Although I have to admit: chocolate covered mango isn’t as tasty as I wished it was or thought it would be. The food was ok, there wasn’t very much for vegetarians, so I guess I won’t be taking my parents back there. But I’ll be back for the baby shower.
Except for the baby who kept crying, everyone at the party seemed to have a good time. I was sorry that Jenna’s brother didn’t go, nor did Janine and Sukant. I guess it wasn’t Jay’s thing, and I dunno what’s going on with J. and S. Anyway, Jenna and her dad danced a little, and Jesse and his mom danced a little too. I thought it was adorable when she started crying. Sorry, I know it’s mean, but it was sweet. Jimmy Love doesn’t cry for nobody no how, so I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t cry. The Ivers’ mother couldn’t be there because she was in surgery so she wrote them a letter which I read to the party (Debby didn’t want to read it so I volunteered). It was really sweet. (I hope she’s ok; I didn’t call anyone to find out. Oops. Sorry!) Anyway, the letter said that she was glad they were getting married because they really love each other and found each other after taking different roads in their lives. She also said that there are 3 rules to marriage: 1) never stay mad at each other and apologize even if you aren’t at fault; 2) they are more than husband and wife, they are friends; and 3) to always communicate with each other.
Haha, non-sequetor but I just remember that Dave called yesterday, out of the blue, to ask me to hang out with him and I said “Nope, my best friend’s getting married today” and he made funny faces over the phone at me. Dunno why that popped into my head but there it is. Back to the wedding…
I sat at the table with the Ivers, Chris, Amanda, Ester (sorry if I spelled your name wrong), and Evy. Tom (who was kind enough to drive me to and from the party THANKS!!!) and his girlfriend came to the party late and so were placed with Jimmy Love and other adults. A few people showed up later as well, such as Jenna’s cousins and Carol-Anne (I believe that’s her name, I’ve only met said Ivers sister once before this) and her boyfriend. All in all, there were about 7 extra people who showed up, which is both good and bad. I was glad to see so many people come to show their love and join in the festivities, but it was bad because Aunt Nora ended up owing extra money to the restaurant. I’d offer to help but I don’t have the money for it.
Despite the heat I had a really great time and I believe most of the people there did. It was a very nice party and was a great way to celebrate their marriage. I know it was more than Jenna had originally wanted but I know she is happy with the outcome and that’s really what counts. Well, congratulations Jenna and Jesse and all my love to you
Syd Barret

" A diamond indeed!"

R.I.P. Syd Barrett.
I agree with David Bowie, you were inspirational.
I always thought you were brilliant despite your drugs and insanity..
You will be missed.
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I am Not sorry


So yeah. I had my last actual lesson in history today. Monday is review and tuesday's the test and then I'm out. yay. Only psyc left after that.

I'm worried because I found out I need up to 6 weeks to get approved for extended time on the praxis...which might be problem since i need to take it before august. eek. i think I could do it without the extra time but I don't' want to chance it. But at the same time I needed my testing updated.

All the animals are surviving. There's drama with my mom's cousin who's only 63 and dying because she's refusing treatment. Oh dear.
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So school's been stressful but ok. I took 2 tests yesterday and feel I did well on both. I know I got an 87 on my psyc (I got 4 questions wrong...phooey) but also got 3 points from my extra credit. I dunno how I did on my history test but I wrote the whole little blue book full and was writing on the back cover by the time I was done.

All my animals that were sick are still sick, no better no worse.

Aparently,and my testing has concluded, I'm SMART! woo.

This weekend holds ZOMBIES VS HUMANS!!! OMG SQUEE! I'm playing as an entity but it's still going to be fun. I get to hang out with jenna (yay!) as well as be part of who picks the original zomboid. Zomboid NOT being a technical term. And then sunday is da's day and I dunno waht we're doing.
And then NEXT saturday TA DA! I'M 21!!! And then that tuesday is my last day of one of my classes and the next day is (hopefully) AMANDA PALMER at Fuck the Back Row. ::please please please::

Other than that I miss my Goucher friends- ALL OF YOU GIVE ME YOUR ADDRESSES SO I CAN SEND YOU POSTCARDS (filled with love)!!!

Brux is a love but he's so pushy. Birds are really pushy and damanding. But he's so freaking cute.

Alice Ugh

Gone wrong

So um yeah. So far the summer's been... upsetting.
Julie's sick again and my parents are going to be bringing her to Red Bank at a special place there. New Jersey. We haven't the slightest to what/s wrong yet. I mean we know some things but we don't know the main problem or what to do to help her. Poor dog. So that'll be fun I'm sure.

And I realized that, school starting tomorrow, they may have possibly signed me up for the wrong history class. Fucking great. Apparently the class is still open if they did but still. GAH FUCK! I don't think they actually did. The class on my bill is wrong but this was the first bill they printed and they actually had to take me out of that class because I didn't have all of my health info in and so i could only be signed up for one class without that info in. They kept the psyc class and took out the history. I wrote the correct class on my sheets, including the second time I signed up for the class. So the bill may be wrong but I may be on the roster for the class. I guess I'll have to find out tomorrow. The bummer is that the class is a 9 o'clock class instead of the 1 o'clock I was hoping for. but the good thing is that i don't have to wait around CSI for 2 hours inbetween classes anymore. I can go to the mall (I don't think I'm going to do that often) or go homoe since I have 6 hours in between my 2 classes. fuck. One more thing to keep me sleeping poorly at night. I fucking hate little stressors like this. At least I get a ride to school tomorrow.

I really hope my dog's going to be ok. On top of that the guinea pig is drinking like a sailor (an indication of diabetes) because that giant water bottle is running out in like 2 days. Usually she has half her water left after a week. And Duckie is sitting by himself chattering which is a baaaad sign. He's active and playful but sitting and chattering is no good. Lucky cat is skinny as hell, although she's stopped yowling which is good. No pain for the kitty is good. I guess she's doing well for 18 and a half.

Please let the rest of the summer lighten up on the death and illness bit. Please.
Make Everyone Die

Le Sad

BRat died yesterday. ) = I wasn't even there. I was on the road for 10 hours! TEN HOURS!!!! gah. Now there's one less cage in my room. it makes me sad.

No Origins for me. That means no zombies. ) =

I are saddest.
LA Tubular

I smell of cigar smoke

stupid cigar smoking family. So the wedding was very nice. It's quite lovely up here once you get here. Apparently they filmed Dirty Dancing here. In Virginia. yay. It must of been a lot of fun getting all that equipment up here. That mountain is very steep and it's a long way up and it's quite snakey.

I'm tired so I'm not going to say much. My dad called home this morning when we went into town (we have signal there) and my mom said BRat is dying. She's having a horrible time breathing. She brought her to the vet but I don't know what happened since the wedding went on forever. I'll call tomorrow when we get moving. Poor rattie. ) = I are saddest.

I can't wait to get home and NOT move. I feel like I have neverending motionsickness. When I'm not in a car it's very minimal where I can't feel it unless i move suddenly and strangely but in the car omg I feel like I'm going to die. Stupid hill. Hopefully/luckily, tomorrow will be the last time I ever have to go down it. Oh well it was nice being here for the few nights I was here. I got some nice earrings in town. However, that makes going down/up that hill an extra time not 100% worthwhile, only partially worth it.

Ok I go sleep now. Night.
Fezzik Rhymes


So, after a 9 hour drive I'm in western Virginia (not West Virginia although we drove through there for about half an hour). My mom was originally suppossed to be here but since Julie's still sick (although she's doing better) she needed to stay and I'm here instead. It's very nice here. We're in a hotel at the top of a hill/small moutain. It's a very scary drive up/down the hill and around to the other places at the hotel but it is very nice. I'm having a much better time than I thought I would since I don't like large functions and I'm not that close with my family. However my cousin Mara's son Diego is so freaking cute it's going to give me diabetes. I had dinner with my dad and his brother and their family and I spent a lot of time with Mara, Robin (her sister) and Mara's son. Yay. Nothing much other than that. The wedding is tomorrow night and we go home monday morning. Yay another 9 hour drive. The country is beautiful (the poppies are endlessly so) but I think I've seen enough farms to last me until I go back to school.
Yay for free internet.

That's about it. Oh! Anyone who wants to join the Zombies vs Humans game at Snug Harbor please leave a comment and tell me. We need more people or the game isn't going to go througb.
Crucio scream

) =

Julie dog is really sick. She hasn't been eating and she's in a lot of pain. We've been to the vet 4 times in 48 hours. 3 times yesterday and once today. I feel so bad for her, poor girl. The vets have no idea what's wrong with her. My poor doggie.
Fritz died too. I know he was becca's but I loved him and it makes me very sad that he died.
RIP Fritz.

I are saddest.
I am Not sorry


yay I'm home! Ok well I've been home since friday but still! YAY! I love home. My last few days were very anxiety provoking and frustrating. I had a test friday and was packing wednesday, thursday and friday. I'm soooo lucky and thankful that Matt could take so much stuff for me. Poor kid. He has so much stuff now.
My tests were ok. I don't remember my anthro test. I was so tired and stressed and just wanted to get out of there. I had a million and one things to do once the test was over. The test was on friday. That's horrible and should be illegal. I have enough to do on Friday other than take a stupid fucking test. And the best part is I found out that storaged closed on WEDNESDAY! I HAVE to be there friday but it closed wednesday. Some girl siad it was because people waited till the last minute last year. Well sorry but I'm not spending 3 days with no sheets and pillows on my bed. some people HAVE to wait till the last minute. They didn't say I couldn't put stuff in storage but they were pretty full. That's fucking horrible. Really is. I felt really bad for he two girls who were in line infront of me when I was brinigng my key back. Storage was totally filled and they had boxes to put in it and they were going far away nad couldn't bring the boxes with them and Mary Ann Natione gave them this long ass lecture about how she's willing to work with them but has this many students to take care of and blah blah blah. shut the fuck up. Just help the poor girls. True they could have come earlier but they had tests on friday and it's not their fault you don't have adiquate space. stupid bastards. I really hope those girls found room somewhere for their boxes.

I got the Humanwine cd. Mmm! It's tastey. I loves me some humanwine. They look like the Dresden Dolls on the cd but they're nothing like them and other than that cd I've never seen anything where they look at all Dresden Dollish. Thye're awsome. i really want to go see them and Jaggery this week but I don't have anyone to go with and it's in brooklyn which I don't really know so I doubt I'll be able to make it.

I'm going to really miss my graduatee/studyabroud people, Allison, Becka and Catherine especially. I spent the most time with them, although less time with catherine. So sad. At least Becka will be round and about and cahterine is coming back for the spring. I don't get an Allison back for a while. The crying.

::sigh:: Most of my pets are sick/old/dying somehow. Julie's really sick, we think her liver's dying. Toto's old and lumpy, Duckie's lumpy (we're going to have his big tumor removed), and my two cats are also old and icktastic. Lucky's getting fluids injected at least once a week. ) =
The only healthy animals are the bird, Pup and the guinea pig. Brat's been hiding away for a while so we dunno how so is really....
Well, I'm glad to be home.
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