Spiny Norman (spinynrmn7) wrote,
Spiny Norman


yay I'm home! Ok well I've been home since friday but still! YAY! I love home. My last few days were very anxiety provoking and frustrating. I had a test friday and was packing wednesday, thursday and friday. I'm soooo lucky and thankful that Matt could take so much stuff for me. Poor kid. He has so much stuff now.
My tests were ok. I don't remember my anthro test. I was so tired and stressed and just wanted to get out of there. I had a million and one things to do once the test was over. The test was on friday. That's horrible and should be illegal. I have enough to do on Friday other than take a stupid fucking test. And the best part is I found out that storaged closed on WEDNESDAY! I HAVE to be there friday but it closed wednesday. Some girl siad it was because people waited till the last minute last year. Well sorry but I'm not spending 3 days with no sheets and pillows on my bed. some people HAVE to wait till the last minute. They didn't say I couldn't put stuff in storage but they were pretty full. That's fucking horrible. Really is. I felt really bad for he two girls who were in line infront of me when I was brinigng my key back. Storage was totally filled and they had boxes to put in it and they were going far away nad couldn't bring the boxes with them and Mary Ann Natione gave them this long ass lecture about how she's willing to work with them but has this many students to take care of and blah blah blah. shut the fuck up. Just help the poor girls. True they could have come earlier but they had tests on friday and it's not their fault you don't have adiquate space. stupid bastards. I really hope those girls found room somewhere for their boxes.

I got the Humanwine cd. Mmm! It's tastey. I loves me some humanwine. They look like the Dresden Dolls on the cd but they're nothing like them and other than that cd I've never seen anything where they look at all Dresden Dollish. Thye're awsome. i really want to go see them and Jaggery this week but I don't have anyone to go with and it's in brooklyn which I don't really know so I doubt I'll be able to make it.

I'm going to really miss my graduatee/studyabroud people, Allison, Becka and Catherine especially. I spent the most time with them, although less time with catherine. So sad. At least Becka will be round and about and cahterine is coming back for the spring. I don't get an Allison back for a while. The crying.

::sigh:: Most of my pets are sick/old/dying somehow. Julie's really sick, we think her liver's dying. Toto's old and lumpy, Duckie's lumpy (we're going to have his big tumor removed), and my two cats are also old and icktastic. Lucky's getting fluids injected at least once a week. ) =
The only healthy animals are the bird, Pup and the guinea pig. Brat's been hiding away for a while so we dunno how so is really....
Well, I'm glad to be home.
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