Spiny Norman (spinynrmn7) wrote,
Spiny Norman

Gone wrong

So um yeah. So far the summer's been... upsetting.
Julie's sick again and my parents are going to be bringing her to Red Bank at a special place there. New Jersey. We haven't the slightest to what/s wrong yet. I mean we know some things but we don't know the main problem or what to do to help her. Poor dog. So that'll be fun I'm sure.

And I realized that, school starting tomorrow, they may have possibly signed me up for the wrong history class. Fucking great. Apparently the class is still open if they did but still. GAH FUCK! I don't think they actually did. The class on my bill is wrong but this was the first bill they printed and they actually had to take me out of that class because I didn't have all of my health info in and so i could only be signed up for one class without that info in. They kept the psyc class and took out the history. I wrote the correct class on my sheets, including the second time I signed up for the class. So the bill may be wrong but I may be on the roster for the class. I guess I'll have to find out tomorrow. The bummer is that the class is a 9 o'clock class instead of the 1 o'clock I was hoping for. but the good thing is that i don't have to wait around CSI for 2 hours inbetween classes anymore. I can go to the mall (I don't think I'm going to do that often) or go homoe since I have 6 hours in between my 2 classes. fuck. One more thing to keep me sleeping poorly at night. I fucking hate little stressors like this. At least I get a ride to school tomorrow.

I really hope my dog's going to be ok. On top of that the guinea pig is drinking like a sailor (an indication of diabetes) because that giant water bottle is running out in like 2 days. Usually she has half her water left after a week. And Duckie is sitting by himself chattering which is a baaaad sign. He's active and playful but sitting and chattering is no good. Lucky cat is skinny as hell, although she's stopped yowling which is good. No pain for the kitty is good. I guess she's doing well for 18 and a half.

Please let the rest of the summer lighten up on the death and illness bit. Please.
Tags: sick animals, wrong class
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