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Punk Cabaret Is Freedom- X-Posted

Ok I should have updated earlier but whatever I'm doing it now.

The concert was amazing! Ungodly good! There were performers everywhere just doing their things with skates and hoolahoops. There was an angel and a devil who stopped us on our way up to the theatre and they had sign up sheets. I signed with the devil and matt signed with the angel. She was cute cause she kept pushing the devil out of the way.

Before the show there were a bunch of stage performers. There was Miss Saturn who did a hoolahoop thing where she had like 50 of them going at the same time on different parts of her body, then there was the Brigade who did a strange play which ended with them throwing toast at the crowd, there was a woman who got mostly naked and got into a giant balloon and then got herself out again. She was sparkly with blue nipples. yay. And then there was the Wua Wua (pronounced Va-Va) sisters. They did an acrobatic routine about catholic school girls where they "made out" and danced around in their underwear and had stigmata and rubbed a Jesus picture on themselves. yay! And the best part was when I first looked at the picture I thought it was one of those anatomy pictures where you see all the bones and muscles and it would have been on a jesus picture! That was exciting. The picture was 3-d and that was cool. And the MC was a rediculously gay guy in a blue (see-through) bunny suit with a thong and 7-inch clear high healed shoes.

The opening band was Humanwine and they were ungodly good by themselves. The singer's voice is, as the girl standing next to me said, etherial. Unfortunately they don't have a cd out yet because they don't want to sign with people so that they can own their own music. And I understand that but it makes me so pissed because I want to listen to them! GIMME A CD!!! Matt Dled everything he could find of theirs on the internet and put it on a cd for me. Brux and I love it! Unfortuantely for us there wasn't much out there from them. poop. but I love what I have. They gave out promo cds at the concert which I took a billion of. I got Holly, the singer, to sign one for me too. Squee. I gave her a marker to keep so she could sign other people's cds too. they were just amazing.

And the Dolls were so breathtakingly great. They played a lot of songs from their new album as it was their opening album ceremony. There were also songs from the last one too and they played coveres as well. Amanda played I Love Rock-n-roll where she played the drums and Brian played the Guitar. Brian was all of 4 feet away from me. I was right in front of the drum set. Amanda was across the stage so it was kinda hard for me to see her. For the last song Humanwine did, Brian crawled across the stage to his drum set and started playing with them and Amanda and the MC came out and banged on pails. Brian crawling was one of the sexiest things ever. I was sad that we didn't get a good picture of fit but I'll remember it forever. It was great. He's so long and thin that his knees reached his ears when he was gathering his drum sticks. Speaking of which, I hope he has insurance in case he gets hit in the eye with a drumstick because they were flying everywhere! Other than when they'd slip out of his hands, his drum sticks would randomly go flying because he was playing with that much force. He wasn't holding most of the ones that went careening across the stage.

After the show was over Brian carried her off stage. It was cute. And the concert was on Earth Day so everythign was Earth day oriented. yay.

Before the concert we got there nice and early, which was worth it in the end, but was torture waiting because it was cold and raining and we got SOAKED through. Everythign was soaked. But I got to shake hands with Holly from Humanwine and that made my day. She said she liked my clock necklace. Yay. She was very nice. Apparently I was the first one to grab one of the cds they were giving out.

Oh and I met Paco. I found out he had classes with Matt at school here. Small world, eh?

And last but not least I did 5 minutes of Invader Zim reciting with some random guy at the concert. It was fun.

So anyway I'm back at school and trying to figure out how to get to the Reverend Glasseye concert. Its on a tuesday so I'm worried about school the next day. Phooey. I really hope I can go.

The Dresden Dolls are Love

Today is Day of Silence. yay! So if you call me or talk to me and I don't talk back or pick up it's not a personal slight, I just can't talk till tonight at night of noise.
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"Today's a very special day- Oooh..."

YES, VIRGINIA DAY!!!! WOOT WOO HOO!!! Ok. So I got the album but haven't had that much time to listen to it. I love it of course but it's very different from the last. I dunno if i'd be head over heals with the Dolls if this was the first thing of theirs that I'd heard. Oh well. I do love it though.

Anyway. So I had a good lesson today. Both my ed teachers were there. yay. And one of the students gave me a hug and a kiss because I tied the ties on the back of her shirt for her. Squee!!!! I melt.

I spent a while with Kathleen, Eric and Kristin because Eric didn't have school so Eric came to school and I finished testing him. First Kathleen took me to get my cd cause she said she would and so I bought everyone smoothies. Twas yum- but the cd is yummier than the smoothie was. I tested Eric and he met Rebecca and Mike and thought they were very cool. We hung out in my room for all of 5 minutes and I chased him around the quad. Then we all (Kristin, Kathleen, Eric and I) had dinner together where he met practically all of my friends and I watched Kathleen and Eric throw ice cubes at eachother for 45 minutes. Twas the funnest.

Then I NCISed it up with Clare. I love my Clare time. Rebecca was there and at the end she put on her teeth and wolf mask and we went to visit people and see how many people we could freak. Half of them freaked, the other half laughed. ok i'm to matt's now.
Ash crash


YES! On the 22nd I'm going to see The Dresden Dolls in NYC. I'm so psyched!
But that's in a few weekends. This weekened I'm going to go with Maggie to do voices for Melissa's project. Then next weekend I'm going to Clare's for Easter with Allison. Then it's THE DRESDEN DOLLS!!!

I have to do a lesson plan and I don't wanna.
BTW- it's matt's birthday today so everyone IM/call and wish him a good one.
Nail finger


I woke up this morning and pulled a muscle in my neck while reaching for my alarm clock.
Stressed much?
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Anthony would be proud of me

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Spring break so far

I know that there's only a little time left but I may as well update while I have the chance.
Got here. The bus ride took forever. At least an hour to two hours longer than scheduled. We ate with my parents at the Diner and played a game at Janine's with Janine, Sukant, and Earl. Jenna had to leave to meet her husband and I've yet to spend any time with her. It makes me very angry the way he hordes her, like a rat hordes food.
Rebecca and I found a parakeet in the backyard. Well my mom found it and Rebecca caught it. We've yet to find a way to get it back to school. We named him (we think it's a him) Brux. He's a bairn yet. My aunt Cheryl and her friend Helen from australia were here. We had brunch. After they left we went and got stuff for Brux and had Japanese food for dinner. It was the first time Becca had Japanese food and she loved it.
Rebecca and I went and hung out with Dave. He met us in the city and delivered unto us much gameage, including Eternal Hearts- Vampy porn that wasn't worth the 60 dollars everyone is paying online for it. It was worth the 20 it originally cost but no more. It sucked. Anyway, we went to the Sunshine Cinema on Houston off of the Bowery, and saw Nightwatch. It was very good. We're excited for it's sequal. We walked around the city. We went to a halloween store and Becca got her Werewolf fangs, and we talked to a transvestite that worked there. He was cool. Then we went to Neutral Grounds and got a new Cheapass game. We had Sushi for dinner and spent a while talking with Dave over coffee and dessert at a diner. We took a cab back, I was having a panic attack because it was so late, but my parents weren't that mad with me. That night we made Becca's teeth but they were a little loose.
Monday- We lounged around the house. We sent an e-mail to everyone at Goucher, well first everyone in all of the classes Becca was ever enrolled in and then on the Goucher journally post daily thing everyone gets in their mail. I took her to Deninos for dinner. It was yummy. We played Zombies when we got home, read Eternal Hearts, fixed Becca's teeth and went to bed.
Tuesday- We went to the Museum of Natural History and met with Dave. Becca brought her teeth and bit him. We had a lot of fun and rushed home to have dinner with my parents. Dave took the ferry, begrudgingly, with us and went back home. We ate at R.H. Tugs. We read more Eternal hearts and went to bed.
Wednesday- I took becca to the Bus station and went back home. There was a creepy guy staring at me on the ferry. OTher than that it was pretty uneventful. I had the nap of a lifetime when I got home. I went on the computer and found that Dave took a liking to me and so we talked for a while. He's very nice and knows all the gaming stores in NYC. Too cool.
I read some of Lestat and played with my ratsy and went to bed.
I went with Dallas to see V for Vandetta which was FUCKING AWSOME!!! I loved V. He reminded me of Elthain and he had a great voice which I knew but couldn't place. (Turned out to be Hugo Weaving. yay) I wanna go again. I want to go with Goucher people- Matt and Becca and maybe Mike.
Before the movie we stopped at the asian food place and I got me some Pocky!!! yes! Mouthgasm. It was all melty and good.
Hanging out with Dallas was fun. I missed him. And for the longest time I never thought I'd see him again. He's refreshing because he's like the 3rd party since he's so different from me.
Last night I was talking with Martha and I said something to which she told me that sometimes I was rediculously perceptive. It was one of the best compliments I'd ever been given. I told Dallas because he said I wasn't perceptive at all because I didn't notice that the 6-Fingered Sword in The Princess Bride was a foil and not a sword. Although I still don't think it's a foil.... Anyway that made my fucking day. I have to say the best compliment I've ever been given was Allison's "You make sense universally". I love that. Martha's is definately 2nd best. Which reminds me, I wanted to ask, does anyone else have a favorite compliment they've received?
Anyway... So after the movie I hung out with Dallas and I brought Duckie down since it was nice out. I'm glad he wasn't freaked by Duckie and vice versa. Duckie's so well behaved. i love the hell out of him.
I plan to go to see the Darwin Exhibit with my mum and have lunch with my dad. Lunch probably first. Then I'm giong to wait in the city with Dave until I can see Anthony which I'm not quite sure what time that is. Hopefully Dave will bring me to the other Gaming shop. DICE ME! And I want to show him the Squee comic with the Vampire. Anyway. And then I'll go home with Anthony. I dunno what we'll do, probably nothing but I'd like to see him before I go back to school. And Jenna just called and hopefully I'm going to see her saturday. i miss my wifey.

So yay that's it here. Other than that I've been doing a lot of vampiracl Anne Rice reading and lots of Duckie playing. I'm having a grand ol time.
Endy Story

What the fuck do I do?

Ok. I cna't take this anymore. I've been on the verge on an anxiety attack for a WEEK now. As soon as I'm awake enough to have conscious thought I'm anxious. Any little stress almost sends me over the edge. I can't fucking take this anymore. Just playing a game with Matt and Becca made me rediculously anxious. I became pushy and jumpy. I can't do this for much longer. I'm exhausted all the time. i have shit to do! I e-mailed the person who tells me how to fuck with my drugs but if he gets back to me within the week it'll be a miracle. What the hell am I suppossed to do?! I mean THIS IS MIDTERM WEEK!!! It doesn't get much more anxiety provoking than this. The only thing worse is FINALS! How the hell am I suppossed to get anythign done? When I'm not stressed or very mildly stressed I'm very productive but any more stress than that and I'm pulling my hair out!
::pulls on hair::